Youth Fellowship

For the youth,  the BANGSAR YOUTH FELLOWSHIP meets regularly on Saturdays,  4-7 pm. During the first hour, there is a welcoming and ice-breaking session to help members loosen up from a rough week as they fellowship and make new friends.  Then our very gifted worship team will lead us into a meaningful time of praise and worship. Shortly after, a speaker who is well ground in the Lord’s word will deliver a message to the congregation.

From 6 pm onwards, we break up into our six respective CARE GROUPS (CG) which are Anchor, Fuergo, Ignis, Swag, Tryferos and Unitas.  In the CG’s there will be a brief discussion about the message led by the CG Leaders to help out members further understand the message that was shared.  Besides having regular meetings, there are fun and challenging games and activities that are held every month. These activities allow Care Groups to challenge each other in many different fields such as Bible Knowledge, Sports and even Cooking!

Starting this year (2013), there is also a YOUTH SUNDAY SCHOOL (12.15 to 1 pm).  This is specially for youth who have a desire for some deeper understanding about the Christian Faith and the teachings of the Bible.

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