beacon@bangsar March 2015

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This Friday is Friday the 13th.  Black cats, broken mirrors etc……do you believe in bad luck?  Or good luck for that matter? In this month’s beacon@bangsar, brother Lim Soon Thye looks into the issue of the Christian view about luck.  This was inspired by a slightly erroneous but widely quoted report in the media of […]

Our New Generation of Teachers

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Teaching is a noble profession and an important one for the growth and nurturing of the next generation and for giving them a better future. Let my teaching fall like rain     and my words descend like dew, like showers on new grass,     like abundant rain on tender plants. (Deut 32:2) Many in BGC have been […]

A Generation That Loves Enough to Act

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IT ALL STARTED back in October 2013 when BGC organized a trip to Brickfields to help out in the street feeding project which caters to those who are homeless, those suffering from social ills like drug addiction, street violence and drunkenness. Like a traveler in a foreign land, everything seemed so new to me. I […]

My “Aha” Moment & God’s “Wow” Factor

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Firstly, let me introduce myself. I’m Shueh-Yi.  My parents have been attending BGC a little over three years now and since I was overseas studying, I’ve been actively attending BGC for a year =).  I have an older sister and a younger brother, yes I’m the middle child with no middle child syndrome =D, both […]

Reflections from BGC Camp 2013

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At this year’s camp, the attendance was the lowest we have had for some time but I sensed that the fellowship amongst the 84 of us was strong. No wonder there were some murmurs that a 2-night camp was way too short. Our speaker, Pastor Keith Lai, gave us four no-holds-barred messages that were geared […]

Amazing, Sovereign & Intimately Loving God!

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Jestine and I returned in December  to help care for Jacob and my 83-year old mum.  Jacob is now nearly bed ridden, and my mum had fallen and badly fractured her left humerus and the top round-shaped bone dislocating her shoulder from the socket of her left hand. We began seeing some amazing, sovereign and […]

Kenny Gan – Shining for Jesus

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Kenny Gan Eng Huat, was called home to be with the Lord on the 17th of November 2012.  We here at Bangsar Gospel Centre have had the privilege of enjoying his fellowship and blessed many times by his teaching ministry and by his life testimony. Brothers Jeffrey Tan and Kim Seng went down to Singapore […]