Sunday Worship

BGC Sunday Worship Service (11th October 2020)

Welcome to the BGC Sunday Worship Service for 11th October 2020.  Government Covid-19 social distancing directives continue to limit our church service physical attendance to 30 people.  We continue to pray for an end to these difficult times and for everyone’s well being.

For those who are unable to join us in person,  this service was streamed on YouTube Live at the time and the service was also recorded and presented here.

In this week’s sharing, our church elder, Roshan Thiran, will share from Mt 5:13-16- “An Influential Community” – on how to be the salt and light for the world in a meaningful and practical way and be a blessing to the community around us.


If you would like to physically attend the service, register for one of the 30 places available each week by sending a message with your name(s) to  017-2183199 .  If places are no longer available, you will be informed.  Please note that under the current rMCO, Government SOP does not permit those under 12 and over 70 to attend.

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