Sunday Worship

BGC Sunday Worship Service (21st June 2020)


Welcome to the BGC Sunday Worship Service on 21st June 2020 coming to you via YouTube.  Let us together sing praises to our Heavenly Father and remember our Lord Jesus through the emblems of the bread and the wine by viewing the worship service video below at 9.30 am.

This year, the world seems racked with crises and face very real threats of a global nature.    During this period, we may easily find ourselves in front of the TV or on the internet, mesmerized by the fresh crop of bad news each day.  And sometimes, we can get caught up in the thinking of the world and the values of the world as expressed in the media.  This week, our own Tommy Hew will deliver a message from God’s Word from James 4 with a “Warning against Worldliness”. 

May you be blessed by an encounter with God through this service and may His grace be with you in the coming week.

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