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Family Day 2018

Well, folks, Family Day for 2018 was last Wednesday (22nd August).  Praise the Lord for the good weather, fine turnout and wonderful time of fellowship.  We had a great turn out of  about 120 and apart from an opportunity to get to know church members of all age groups better, we also got to meet a number of new friends too.

The day started early for the organisers who had to be there before the early birds arrived at 8 am.  There was fellowship over a light breakfast and a gourmet coffee or tea while we waited for the others to start appearing all the way to about 9.oo am when we were organised into our groups for the games.

The groups were Agape, Philia, Storge and Caritas.  In case you were wondering, the first three are Greek names for the types of love described in the bible.  For example, Agape refers to the unconditional love that is of and from God.  Caritas is a Latin word from which the word “charity” is derived and it describes man’s love for fellow man as a reflection of God’s true altruistic love.  Click on the links to find out more about the meaning of each.

We then sallied forth into the games arena where all had to work together, both the very junior and the very senior.  There were four games in which the teams competed, although the whole point was having fun as family rather than competition.  And so, we stumbled over ourselves as we “Walked the Plank”; we soaked ourselves and our team mates in the “Water Brigade” (although everyone seemed to enjoy the soaking!); we discovered the joys of barefoot running in the “Shoe Hunt Race” and finally we tested our understanding of God’s word in the “Bible Quiz”.

Of course, in the end there was a winner but as my team did not win, I will just remind everyone that it was all about family fun rather than competition……heh…heh.

After the fun and games, we quietened down to hear a short message from our elder Min Fook and after giving thanks to God, we had a family meal together……. well actually quite a family feast!

Many thanks to the Sunday School team that took the lead in organising the event but also to all the others who helped out on that day with registration, logistics, games and with contributions of food and kind.  We are family….we are one.

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