Ivan Lee & Kaylyn Yeh – RBS Graduates 2018

RBS (Residential Bible School) is an annual short-term school run by the Brethren Assemblies of Malaysia, as a ministry of Inter Brethren Assemblies (IBA) Youth Development. It is designed for Christian young people interested in growing in their relationship with God, equipping themselves with a better knowledge of God’s Word, and learning skills to serve God more effectively. The focus is on discipleship based on the Word of God as the foundation for all aspects of our life. It is a time of spiritual intimacy, fun, learning and self-discovery. (source: www.rbs.org.my)

2 of our youths, from Bangsar Gospel Centre and Desa Chapel, attended RBS 2018 –

thank you, Ivan Lee and Kaylyn Yeh, for sharing your RBS experience. 


On the first day of RBS, we were asked a question. “Why did you come for RBS?”

My answer was simple. I went to RBS to get a refresh and refocus on God. While I was sitting for my SPM exams, I felt that I was slowly drifting away from God as I was more focused on the exams than I was on my relationship with God. Because of this, although I was reluctant to go to RBS at first, I knew that it was what I needed. To add on to that, we were all encouraged by what Colin Kirton said to us on the first day. “None of us are here by mistake; but we were put here for a reason.”

My alone time with God

The whole RBS experience was beneficial as a whole, but one particular part of our daily schedule personally affected me the most – our morning devotion (or Lectio Divina as we would call it).

Our Lectio Divina felt more personal to me as we spent half an hour a day reflecting on God’s Word. It felt personal as it was God speaking to me directly through His Word. It was time between me and God only.

After that we would have a time of sharing when we are encouraged to share what God had spoken to us through His Word. I felt that the sharing time was good because it also provided us a safe and judgement-free platform for everyone to share their problems or struggles, and it also allowed other people to give words of encouragement and prayer for those who are facing difficulties in their lives.

Managing time is so crucial

Another important thing that I learnt is how crucial time management is. Being in the student council as the games coordinator, I had many responsibilities in the council itself as well as the many assignments that were given to all the students.

It was a struggle for me as I had such limited time to complete the assignments as well as getting ideas and planning out the games for the games sessions. Time management was so crucial for me to be able to complete all that I had to do as fast as possible. Alongside with that, I also learnt to rely on God for strength to complete all the tasks that seemed overwhelming to me at that time. When I wasn’t able to handle all the things that I had to do, I looked to God to provide me the strength to persevere and carry on.

My new perspective on mission trips

One of the many highlights of my RBS experience would be my mission trip to Pos Musoh.

Nearing the end of RBS, we were all sent to different locations in Malaysia for our mission trips. And out of all the places that we were sent to such as Kuantan, Penang, Ipoh, etc., my team and I were the only team to be sent to an Orang Asli village in Perak. I was disappointed at first because I’m not the kind of person who would voluntarily go for OA mission trips, but my experience there has really changed my perspective on missions.

Before this, I would avoid anything to do with OA mission trips because I knew of the things that we’d have to do, the environment that we’d be in, and how I would have to be out of my comfort zone just by being there. But as I spent the 5 days in the village and ran the activities we planned out for the people, I realised that what I was doing wasn’t about me, it wasn’t for me, but it was for the people. We were sent there not to enjoy ourselves, but to be a light to the people and to share the good news to the people who have yet to hear it. This mission trip really helped me to realise the real focus and purpose of mission trips.

Forging lasting friendships

Last but not least, the friendships that were made there also played a big part in my RBS experience. Not only were they important to make the experience enjoyable and fun, but the friends that were made there also acted as support for one another, both emotionally and spiritually. When one student faced a problem, 54 other students would be ready to help in any way we could, be it words of comfort, encouragement or prayer.

We were also able to share our own experiences on our walk with God with one another, advised and encouraged those who were in need of encouragement in their own walk with God. To conclude, my RBS experience was truly one to remember. I pray that all the things that I’ve learnt and the spiritual disciplines that I’ve applied will help me to grow closer to God each and every day of my life.

~ Ivan Lee


I didn’t want to have such high expectations for RBS because I didn’t want to be let down. Having said that, RBS really didn’t disappoint. This whole experience has taught me many things, not necessarily through the classes but also through all the activities and programs like street evangelism, mission trips, and the communal sharing that we have every day. RBS has opened my eyes to many things that I’ve never realised about God and about myself.

God answers prayers – every time!

The main thing I have taken back from RBS is how important and powerful prayer is in our Christian life.

I grew up in a Christian family, grew up in Sunday School and had a lot of head knowledge. I always knew that as Christians we have to pray but I only knew it in my head and not in my heart. So I would pray, say grace, not really meaning it and not expecting God to answer any of my prayers.

And so the first time I really realised how much God answers prayers that are according to His will was during our Orang Asli mission trip. It was my first time going on a mission trip and I really wanted it to go well. It was not for my own glory but because I wanted the people to be blessed, to be able to learn more about God, and experience his love through us so that God’s name would be glorified. And so I prayed for the mission trip and for the Holy Spirit to speak through each of us.

When we reached the kampung’s church, the pastor asked my co-leader to share during their main service. God answered our prayers as he spoke. My co-leader had prepared something but halfway through reading the “script” he prepared, he closed his notebook and just spoke. I found it amazing because his Bahasa Melayu wasn’t that great but his whole sharing was smooth without any pauses.

I prayed for many other things as well like good weather and my team members who were suffering from motion sickness in the bus and God answered every single one of them.

Throughout the whole of RBS, I continued praying before I did anything and the day would go so much smoother; especially during my Mission Trip to Temerloh.

My team had two very meticulous mission supervisors. We would have mock-services for all the programs we had to do like the CF, YF and Sunday School programs. After every mock-service, we would get a debriefing from our mission supervisors, which was basically a scolding session for us. They would let us know what we did wrong and sometimes it would be quite harsh.

I would have normally felt quite stressed as I’m a very anxious person. Especially since I was one of the mission team’s leaders, I felt the pressure of leadership responsibility and the need to be accountable for others even more. But because of prayer, I was calm and surprised that I didn’t break down during the whole mission trip. God helped me to be patient and to be open minded to all the comments and criticism from the mission team supervisors.

Insights into the working world …

This experience gave me an insight of what the working world would be like and taught me how to deal with harsh comments and criticism. By doing this, God taught me how to be a more patient, caring, and confident while serving Christ. It was through prayer, memory verses, our daily devotion, and verses given from my mentor that my team and I managed to get through this experience smoothly.

This mission trip helped me truly understand one of our memory verses from James 1:2-4 which says, Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” I could really rejoice in these trials because of all the things I learnt as I reflected on it.

Before RBS I would always wondering why God never spoke to me or how would he speak to me. Yet throughout the 5 1/2 weeks of RBS, I could see how God was constantly speaking to me through His Word, the people around me, and even nature. It was truly amazing to see God reveal Himself to me. RBS has helped me remember why I love God so much, to believe in Him, and to give my body as a living sacrifice to God.

~ Kaylyn Yeh


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