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Coping with Challenging Behavior in Alzheimer’s

As the world’s population ages, the problems of dementia and memory loss has become very prevalent.  Most of us will know of someone who suffers from this condition and it may well be a close family member.  Caring for those afflicted and coping with their sometimes difficult and sometimes emotionally draining behavior can take a toll on those around, especially the care givers.

The Senior Fellowship  has invited Sister Ruby Chong, a nurse of many years experience, to give a talk on Sunday 20th August (6-8.30 pm) at the church.

Sister Ruby will give insight on the issue, highlighting difficulties and practical considerations as well as provide advice on how to handle the situation, based on her years of experience.  There will also be time to answer questions from the floor.  Sister Ruby gave a talk last year on caring for the elderly which was very well received by the large crowd that attended and this current session is being held as a followup to the requests of the participants.

This talk will be especially helpful for those who have to provide care and support for Alzheimer’s sufferers.

Please accept our invitation to attend.

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