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Family Sports Day Fun

Last Saturday, God blessed us with great weather as we held our Family Sports Day.  This was organised by our Sunday School in collaboration with our toddlers’ playgroup and kindergarten (find out more about our children ministries and activities).  We were amazed at the large turnout with more than 100 attending, comprising of the children (aged1-12 years old), their parents, teachers, helpers and other church members.

Cheng Jin and Mei Chin were the ringmasters for the various fun and imaginative games that allowed both children and parents to play together; including ‘parent-child” relay race, “satay stick” javelin throw, tightrope walking and hula hoop relay.  They were ably supported by our young people who acted as referees, scorekeepers and prop movers.

The parents and church members also laid out a wonderful spread of food and goodies to feed the hungry after the games.  There was even a gelato ice cream cart which was very welcome as it got warmer later in the morning.

Many thanks to everyone who helped out with the organising, the games, the food and just by being there.  I myself had a great time with all the kids and getting to know some of the parents better.  Most important of all the kids had fun together with their parents.  Look forward to the next event.

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