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Seniors’ Chinese New Year Gathering

Our active and lively seniors got together to usher in the Year of the Monkey by sharing a meal together that had been prepared lovingly by a number of brothers and sisters.  It was a time of rejoicing and fellowship as well as a time on reflecting the nature of God’s goodness and grace that gives us all confidence in the new year.

There was a praise and worship session during which an old hymn and some newer songs of praise was sung; including the lively “Do Lord, O Do Lord” spiritual.  We then looked at some common Chinese New Year greetings and reflected on its meaning in the light of the promises from the word of God.  Finally, Elder Francis concluded by sharing some  CNY customs that he grew up with and how his understanding and perspective had changed  since he came to know the Lord Jesus personally.

Here are some pics from the celebration.  Keep and eye out for future Seniors’ Fellowship events and don’t miss out.

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