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Christmas is Coming (& Year End Happenings)

christmasChristmas is coming and we want to share the joy of the birth of Jesus with all.  As such a number of events are being planned by the church and various groups of church members.  Here is the list to help guide you through the plethora of events.  There will be at least one event for you.

Seniors’ Reflections & Christmas Dinner (27th November)  After a long year of successful meetings, trips and excursions, the Seniors’ Fellowship is taking some time to reflect on God’s goodness over the year and to celebrate Christmas.  Although organised by the Seniors, all are welcome for a time of fellowship and dinner. (6-8.30 pm; Bangsar Gospel Centre)

Kids’ Church Christmas & Year End Picnic (5th December)    After the Seniors, the kids of our Sunday School or Kids’ Church will have their special event which will be in the form of a picnic.  Parents get to come along too!

Christmas @ Kampung Bongkok (12th December)   There will be a Christmas celebration in Kampung Bongkok, Pahang and there will be a group going from BGC to celebrate and fellowship with our Orang Asli brothers and sisters.  The festivities will start at 11 am.  Those who want to go along for the day trip, could speak to Min Fook or King Yi.

Peace on Earth Dinner (13th December)     Peace pastoral group members are hosting a Christmas dinner for family and friends to share the joy of Christmas with them.  The simple event, held in a neighborhood restaurant, will just involve lots of eating, a little bit of carol singing and hopefully a whole lot of joy.

Youth Camp (16th-20th December)      Our youth will get away from the city bustle (….and their parents) to have a time of fun, fellowship and to get closer to God.  To do this, they will be making their way to Villa Dominic in the cool hills of Genting Highlands.  If you went to know more, contact the Youth Fellowship or send us an email.

Caroling @ Pullman Hotel (22-24th December)     Members of the church together with the One Worship team will be singing carols at Pullman Hotel in Bangsar from 6-8 pm on each of the three nights.  If you want to be part of the team, let us know but commitment to practices is mandatory.  Or if you prefer, you could just come by and listen to them and sing-a-long with the hotel guests.  Support the team also in prayer that they may bless those they sing to with the message of joy of Christmas.

Young Adults Christmas Party (23rd December)    Our young adults will be having their own event to share the season joy with each other and with their friends.

BGC Open House and Christmas Countdown (24th December)    Bangsar is a happening place on festival days and the eve of those festivals.  This Christmas Eve, Bangsar Gospel Centre will be also be a happening place in the midst of it all.  Organised by the M3 care group, in the Malaysian tradition of open houses, they invite one and all to come by the church to enjoy musical performances, carol singing and partake of lovingly prepared, home cooked food.  See you there – from 9 pm until we usher in Christmas Day! All welcome! We mean it!

Christmas Service (25th December)    The church will come together to remember the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ on Christmas morning at the church.  Service will commence at 10 am and there will be a fellowship meal after.

Youth Christmas Party (26th December)     Celebrations carry on into Boxing Day with the youth coming together to have their own Christmas party. (4 pm, Bangsar Gospel Centre)

Year End Sunday Service (27th December)      Our final Sunday Service for 2015, will be a time to reflect on our journey as individuals and as a church family.; to recognise God’s hand in our lives and to praise Him for His amazing goodness and love. (9-11 am)

New Year Service (3rd January 2016)       And then we start a new year with another time of coming together and worshiping our faithful God. (9-11 am).  Because He lives, we can face tomorrow.  HAPPY & BLESSED NEW YEAR!!!!


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