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Family Run 2014

Well, the BGC youth have done another great job with the organising of this year’s BGC Family Run at Lake Gardens.  A large number woke up early to be part of the event. In all there were some 120 participants of all ages taking part in the run as well as a number of youth playing the part of race marshals.  Did I say all ages?  Indeed from the U-12 all the way to the O-45’s (under 12 years old to over 45 years old).  This year, we also were very happy that our young friends from the Trinity Community Centre were also able to join in the healthy fun.

So this is makes it two years in a row that we have had the Family Run thanks to the hard work of the youth in organising, planning and running the event.  With two years in a row now, we can safely say that it has now become a church “tradition”.  Don’t miss out in being a tradition setter – see you there in our sequel next year, BGC Family Run 3.0.

Enjoy the photos.

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