Baptism – August 2014

At the beginning of the month, we had a wonderful baptismal service during which 4 young people, Fiona, Rachel, Michelle and Timothy, testified to their faith in Jesus Christ as saviour and acceptance of Him as Lord.  They did this in front of a gathering of family and friends.  They also had the opportunity to share their testimonies of how they came to know Jesus and how He has been the difference in their lives.

The occasion was also graced by the presence of Oli Jacobsen, an old friend of the church, who gave a short word to the baptism candidates and all present.  Oli, whose life is itself a wonderful testimony of the richness of a life spent in service of  God and others, shared from the story of Jesus at the wedding at Cana.  In John’s Gospel chapter 2, we read how the wine ran out at a wedding and Jesus’ mother, Mary, turned to Jesus to do something and Jesus performed the miracle of turning water to wine.  But the key verse that Oli shared was;

5 “His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.”  (John2:5)

Oli shared that Mary’s words to the servants is the best advice that he could give to the baptismal candidates and indeed to all of us; and that is, through life’s journey to always do whatever Jesus tells us.  In this way, we will have a full and abundant and a fruitful life.

Our congratulations to Fiona, Rachel, Michelle and Timothy and our prayers too as they carry on with their walk with God.  Also congratulations to Elder Min Fook for getting wet and conducting his first baptisms.

Enjoy the photo’s below (hint: there is also an interesting photo of Alan & Hap, so keep an eye out)

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