Aunty Betty at 90

She may be suffering from the effects of a stroke that affected her left side and is hard of hearing, but she’ll still give you that lovely smile and you can tell that she is alert, eyes looking intently at you. Whenever we visit, we will sing some of her favourite songs – Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus, What a Friend we have in Jesus, Amazing Grace… make sure the words are typed in huge fonts and she’ll be singing along!

Aunty Betty recently celebrated her 90th birthday and we asked Jean (her youngest and only daughter) to tell us a bit more about her life:

betty birthday

Born in KL on 25 May 1924. Married around 1945 & widowed in 1989. Blessed with 4 children, 4 grandchildren & 4 great grandchildren.

6th amongst 15 siblings (Mrs Wee Siew Lee is the youngest), mum taught at St Gabriel’s and then Good Shepherd Kindergarten. Very dedicated in making sure the kids did well.


She was a good cook. She loved baking and made all the Chinese New Year cookies all from scratch, pineapple tarts, love letters, kueh bangkit, kueh baulu, cream puff, chiffon cake, swiss roll, doughnuts…

She loves dancing and taught haiwaiian dance for her kindergarten concerts. She took up line dancing when it became popular.


Her passion was wanting everyone she met to know Christ and be saved. She was not articulate and she would invite them to gospel meetings, Christmas, Easter so they could hear the message. She was very adamant and continuously sent invitations despite the many repeated rejections

She also liked to serve others. She would be there at Kopi Tiam arranging food and drinks. She would take the time to set aside some food for the teachers in Kids Church.

She made my brother and I go to Sunday school when our eldest brother passed away suddenly in 1968. She soon followed us to church. I believe it was a gradual process guided by her pastoral members. Siew Lee remembers she and a friend shared and she accepted Christ. Her pals were from her pastoral group (leaders from Titus, Hong Jin then Calvin Loh). Others in the group were Mrs Ong/June, Mrs Yap/ Moh Lan and, later, the Seniors group – Mr & Mrs Tan, Mrs Thomas, Molly Khor, Annie Low.

~Thanks, Jean, for sharing ~

(reproduced from the article in beacon@bangsar by Kiang Chew Peng)

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