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Good Friday 2014 – Did You See?

You Are Invited to Our Good Friday Service!

Today, Sunday 13th of April, is Palm Sunday.  It commemorates the day that Jesus enters Jerusalem in triumph to the enthusiastic and fervent welcome of the people who had crowded into Jerusalem for the Passover Festival.  The people had heard about Jesus and his wonderful teachings and marveled at his wondrous miracles.  Some had even witnessed Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead just a short time earlier. And they welcomed him waving palm branches and with cries of “Hosanna!”, calling Jesus to save them from their situation.

Yet,  just 5 days later, on the day that is now known as Good Friday, Jesus died a terrible death by crucifixion.

How did this happen?  Is it true that Jesus foretold his own death?  Why did he go to Jerusalem when he expected to be arrested and executed?

On the 18th of April, at 8.30 pm, there will be a Good Friday Service at Bangsar Gospel Centre and these mysteries will be examined as we journey together through the events of those last 5 days from Palm Sunday until Jesus’ death.  You are invited to join us for that journey.

Good friday


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