Alan & Pik Mun’s Happy Day

pik mun alan

26th of April 2014.  What a wonderful day that the lord had made!  A joyous day as we  witnessed Alan and Pik Mun exchange their wedding vows.

It was also the day that Barack Obama became the first US President to visit Malaysia in almost 50 years.  But that really was of pale significance to Alan & Pik Mun’s happy day except that it did cause some traffic snafu’s downtown as guests headed for the wedding dinner reception.

For years now, Pik Mun had been known to many as “Hap”;  nickname given to her because she’s just so “happy” all the time.  So it seems like a happy convergence that Pharrell William’s song “Happy” is so big on the airwaves right now, just in time for a bunch of creative hacks from church to put together their version of “Happy” for Hap and Alan on the occasion of their happy day.

Congratulations Alan and Hap Pik Mun and may God bless you richly in your journey and adventure together.

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