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Home for Christmas

On Christmas Day 2013, Bangsar Gospel Centre held its Christmas Day Service at the Methodist College Hall in Brickfields.  As with previous years, we were anticipating a large crowd and praise God, there were some 250 people who attended.

The program was relatively simple, starting with some Christmas carols and songs of worship.  This was followed with a short but powerful sharing from brother Cheng Jin who shared about how God led him away from involvement in gangs in school to a personal relationship with God and what Christmas means to him now.

We had been expecting to hear a solo from our well known crooner, brother Eddie Chan but unfortunately he was down with flu.  However, Min Fook stepped up and gave us a heart felt rendition of a song that has always meant a lot to him. T

he theme this year was “Home for Christmas” and the youth put together a play which focused on how different members of a family were busy, preoccupied and stressed out with their plans and preparations around Christmas time.  Dad was worried about the bills and the added expenses at this time of the year and was trying to work overtime.  Mom was caught up with all the cooking, cleaning and decorating and not at all in a happy place.  Teenage daughter number 1 was caught up with plans for partying and going out with friends.  Young daughter number 2 was all excited about presents, presents, presents. Then in the midst of all this, a miracle happens.  They each have an encounter with a ……….talking, moving, wisdom spewing Christmas tree.  (This reporter heard gasps of wonderment and surprise from the kids in the audience when the “Christmas tree” which had been part of the background props suddenly came alive!  Fantastic job by the prop and costume department). The wise Christmas Tree is able to bring this fractured family back together around the core focus of Christmas……..that God gave that first Christmas gift more than 2000 years ago in the form of baby Jesus so that all mankind can turn from their lost ways and return into the love and grace of God ….. as part of God’s family.

Many thanks to Keenan and his team for all their hard work and wonderful performance. Thanks to everyone else to from the musicians, backstage team, ushers, food coordinators etc.

Francis Dunn hen shared a short Christmas message, building on what was shown in the play and emphasizing that our only proper response to the message of God’s love for us as demonstrated by Christmas is to accept this wonderful gift for ourselves and return home to God.

Finally, we all fellowshiped  over food and refreshments as a family.

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