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After Haiyan

Photo Credit: Jon Warren (World Vision website)
Photo Credit: Jon Warren (World Vision website)

It was about a month ago that the Philippines was ravaged by the super Typhoon Haiyan. It had the strongest winds ever recorded for a typhoon at landfall with estimated sustained winds of 315 km/h (195 mph) and gusts up to 378 km/h (235 mph).

Its impact has been horrific.

Haiyan numbers at a glance

• Almost 15 million people affected

•At least 5,600 killed and over 26,200 injured

• Over four million still displaced from their homes

• 1.2 million homes damaged or destroyed

• $348m requested by the current UN six-month Haiyan Action Plan

Source: UN OCHA and National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council

For much of the region, their source of livelihood which was the coconut plantations was also destroyed by the winds.  Replacing those plantations will take years.  The suffering of the people is continuing as the process of recovery and healing is likely to be a very long one due to the complete devastation and the sheer number of the people affected.

Two weeks ago, an offering was taken up at our church and RM9290 (USD 2905) was collected.  This money will be sent to help the victims in the Philippines via World Vision.

World Vision already had a number of existing programs in the Philippines and were helping a large number of children.  Of that, about 40,000 of those children and their families were affected by the calamity.  The money will be used to assist those families.

If anyone would like to make donations too via World Vision, please visit their website (  World Vision hopes to raise USD 20 million globally for their relief work.

We will continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in the Philippines.

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