Outdoor Baptism

Last Sunday, the 24th of November, was a celebration as two of our young adults, Alan and Ai Li, went through the waters of baptism.   The ceremony was slightly out of the ordinary in that it was not held in church but was conducted in a swimming pool at someone’s home.  Although not our usual practice to have it carried out in the open air, it was a wonderful service and had a very cosy atmosphere.  Perhaps more open air baptisms will be on the cards for the future ….after all even our Lord Jesus was baptised in the Jordan River.

The service was witnessed by friends, family members and church members.  After some worship and a short word from Elder Min Fook, we came to the highlight of the service.

Alan and Ai Li both shared  about their journey of faith in Jesus that had led them to this point of testifying through baptism of the changes that God has done in their lives.  Then, first Alan and then Ai Li, went into the pool where Elder Francis was already waiting and they were baptised.

There was of course much rejoicing and the pair were committed in prayer to God’s care, protection and guidance.   The rejoicing carried on with fellowship over refreshments and food.  Praise the Lord.

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