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Reflections from BGC Camp 2013

min fook

At this year’s camp, the attendance was the lowest we have had for some time but I sensed that the fellowship amongst the 84 of us was strong. No wonder there were some murmurs that a 2-night camp was way too short.

Our speaker, Pastor Keith Lai, gave us four no-holds-barred messages that were geared towards awakening us to think, to reflect and even to make us feel uncomfortable as we were challenged to work out our faith and understanding on what it actually meant to know, to love and to live for our God.

I was especially touched by the message of the Father’s love. In all my life as a Christian, I had always studied and read much about God’s attributes and His character and that is not a bad thing to do. But in all my studies on God’s attributes and character, I had missed the point that we actually have such an intimate relationship and special standing with our God because He is our Heavenly Father through our faith in the finished work and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am challenged to want to know and to experience my Father’s love more and more each day as I live and serve Him as His precious child.

We also had a talk on the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. We were reminded of how limitless, how pure, how complete our Lord Jesus Christ’s wondrous grace is to us that He would die to save us. The only response appropriate for me after hearing about the Father’s love and my Lord Jesus Christ’s wondrous grace is to bow down in humble worship and to offer my feeble life to my God.

The talks ended with the session on ‘Awakening to the Holy Spirit’. Being someone who was brought up to be very careful and sometimes even skeptical with regards to the works of the Holy Spirit, I felt slightly uncomfortable when the Person, the work, the power and our need of the Holy Spirit’s anointing and filling was shared by Pastor Keith in a no-holds- barred way.

The question that kept echoing in my mind after that was whether the Holy Spirit lived in me. Somehow it became less of a theological question but more a heart-rendering search of my spiritual life – because if the Holy Spirit lives in me, I will surely feel His presence daily and many spiritual fruits and gifts will be seen and produced in my life.

That same night after I came back from camp. I repented before God and I asked the Holy Spirit to forgive me for always putting up a wall against His work, His leading and His Person.

I prayed and asked that the Holy Spirit will fill me daily because I need Him to help me bear many spiritual fruits and to bring glory and honour to my God in the way I live my life.

I can tell you that I was honestly awakened and renewed at this year’s camp. Awakened and renewed by the love of my Heavenly Father, by the wondrous grace of my Lord Jesus Christ and by the empowering of the Holy Spirit.

My constant prayer is that many of you in BGC, too, will share the same awakening and renewing journey with me as we, together, seek to know, to love and to live for our God.

To God be the glory!


In Christ’s love & service,

Min Fook

2 thoughts on “Reflections from BGC Camp 2013

  1. Thanks Min Fook, for the honest sharing. I can identify with you. Also went to GBC;s church camp and challenged by Daniel Ho on a lifestyle of evangelism, being salt and light in the world.

  2. Hi Thiew Lun, I will inform Min Fook about your comment. I pray that both our churches grow in being fruitful for the Lord. When might we see you again?

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