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Lantern Walk 2013

The Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated close to the autumnal equinox and this year falls on the 19th of September.  This festival is also known locally as the Mooncake Festival after the round confectionery which is eaten at this time.

Another tradition associated with this festival is the carrying of brightly lit lanterns which is why we took the opportunity to have some fun together last Thursday.  More than 60 kids, their parents, some grandparents, friends, teachers and an assorted entourage came together and had a good time making lanterns, eating goodies and going for a lantern lit walk around the neighborhood.  We even managed to squeeze in a birthday celebration.

A great time was had by all.  Many thanks to everyone who came out to enrich the event with their valued presence.  Many thanks to all the helpers and those who helped with gifts of food, cakes and jam jars for the lantern making.

Enjoy some of the snapshots of our time under the moon and by the light of bright lanterns.

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