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Word from our Elders: August 2013


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Becoming One Mobilised Beacon

 “As long as it is day, we must do the works of Him who sent me,” says our Lord to his disciples as He heals a blind man.

We praise the Lord because He has positioned His church in Bangsar Gospel Centre for His works of outreach, discipleship and ministry. God has poured out His love in the hearts of many who have come forward to willingly serve Him, and through their ministry have blessed many, and in return, been blessed. In addition, many have also been trained and exposed to personal evangelism and basic discipleship. We praise the Lord for blessing BGC with so many willing, talented and gifted workers!

Praise be to God also that in the past year of positioning, God has put in place the “Five Fingers” of outreach points in our own backyard. He has given the Children’s ministry a bigger space and the work is flourishing. Continue to pray for God’s protection and strength for our workers at Tempinis every week day. Youth Fellowship has always been strategic and exemplary in reaching many youths for the past two decades.

Beginning this year, 11:30am-1:00pm on Sundays has become a significant time slot in BGC when three “Fingers” i.e. Kids Church, Youth Sunday School and Marketplace ministry take place.  Through these, more workers are mobilised and we give thanks to God for the new ones added to our church, the truth learnt each week and the fruits of salvation we see.

The Seniors’ monthly gospel meetings that take the form of a dinner fellowship have been blessed by our Lord too. At last month’s meeting, our brother HT ‘Elvis’ Long serenaded the 80-odd present and through his testimony and gospel message, gave an invitation to put our trust in the Lord. Praise God for those who responded! Through our Seniors outreach, God has raised new workers who have answered His call to put their hands to the plough. Praise the Lord!

With the prospect of entering the ‘Promised Land’ when BGC turns 40, we go forth in faith that as God blesses us with a bigger building, He will make us a bigger and better church. By the grace of our Great and Good God, BGC moves now from a year of positioning into a year of mobilisation. Therefore, we would like to invite you to come and work with us so that BGC will “Become One Mobilised Beacon” and we shall see God’s spiritual exponential explosion happen in our midst. Praise the Lord!

~Francis Dunn

on behalf of the Elders~


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