Announcing the M3 Sunday Cafe

There’s a new place to go to in Bangsar on a Sunday and that is to the M3 Sunday Cafe.

Starting this Sunday, 16th June, M3 Sunday Cafe will be open its doors to anyone who would like to meet and fellowship while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee and light snacks with the opportunity to learn more about the Christian faith and Jesus Christ in a friendly and informal ambiance.  This cafe is all FREE!!!!  Well, maybe you might have to sing for your cup of coffee but we think you’ll enjoy it.

M3 will start at 11.45 am  and will carry on till 1.15 pm.  So it is particularly suitable for those of you with kids attending our Kid’s Church at that time; do come and hang out with us at the M3 Cafe.

We would love to share a cuppa and a chat with you. See you there.

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