GE13 : – Praying for Our Nation

Last night, despite the heavy rain and maddening traffic that did prevent some members from coming, just over 20 brothers and sisters managed to make it for the church combined prayer meeting including about 6 from Desa Chapel ( members of Desa Chapel will be joining us at the prayer meeting once every 4 months).

We met and had a good time of prayer and worship before our Lord.  For prayer, we focused on praying for the following;

  • our nation and the 13th general elections,
  • our proposed new church land,
  • our Seniors trip to Ipoh at the end of the month,
  • the children’s ministry at their new location, and
  • for Desa Chapel’s pioneering children playgroup ministry.

God has led His people to pray unitedly for our country and for the upcoming elections.  We prayed for peaceful and fair elections; for protection from violence; for leaders whose hearts will be for justice, equality and service for the people and for a country that will uphold righteousness and turn from a culture of corruption.

Many churches are holding prayer initiatives for the nation at this time.  For example, DUMC is holding prayer sessions each day leading to polling day from 5.30-7.00 am.  NECF also gives suggestions on when and what to pray for.

With regards to the new church land, church members are asked to continue to pray for the leaders for wisdom and guidance from God over this matter.

There will be a special meeting on Wednesday 1st May at 10 am at the church where the church leadership will share with the members about their vision for God’s work and for the proposed land and also to answer any questions and to give clarification so that members can pray and be involved in an informed manner.  So please do make every effort to come for this.

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