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Easter Specials 2013 – “Love Actually….”

This year, the church held special meetings and services to remember and to celebrate  Easter.  Quite possibly for the first time, there was a special Good Friday service.  The Easter Sunday service was also a very special affair.  The two services shared a common theme and were given the following titles respectively; “Love Actually Died” and “Love Actually Rose”.

The two services were held at the Methodist College KL Hall in Brickfields to accommodate the larger crowds expected.  Indeed, about 200 attended the Good Friday service and some 260 attended the Easter Sunday service.

On both days, the congregation were treated to an exuberant song and dance medley of love songs, both old and new,  by the Youth, Young Adults and the slightly older Adults.  This was followed by a play about seeking Love which compares the unfailing love of God and the worldly substitutes which fail to satisfy in the end.

The Sunday service also had an additional short play from the Kid’s Church showing how Death was not able to contain the Lord Jesus and how he rose triumphant from the grave.  The communion service was extra special as we shared the bread and the wine – emblems of Christ’s body broken (for by his stripes we are healed) and blood poured out (to redeem us from our sins).

This was followed by a wonderful time of communion over a fellowship lunch.  Many thanks to all who worked together to make these events a success and a blessing while at all times honoring God our Father.

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