Seniors “Lou Sang”

About 45 people were at the church last Sunday night (17th February 2013) for the Senior’s Club Chinese New Year Fellowship Dinner.  The evening started off with everyone participating in the “Lou Sang”.   In Chinese tradition, “Lou Sang” or “Prosperity Toss” at a Chinese New Year dinner is the starter or the appetiser and is symbolic of “good luck” in the new year.

Of course,  “good luck”  is really God’s great blessings to us and in this context, Lou Sang was just a bit of communal fun and an act of thanksgiving to God.

The fellowship was warm and lively with one or two new friends attending.  It was good to see that our sister, Susan Fong, was able to join the party.

Dinner proceeded with other goodies including delicious Lap Mei Fan or Chinese Waxed Meat Rice.  Thanks should be given to our two deaconesses, Yvonne and Pik Mun, who arranged and transported the food to the church.

After everyone had filled their tummies, Simon led us in a sing-a-long.  He had us mesmerised as he shared from his life experiences to explain why he had chosen certain songs of worship.  He also allowed some song choices which were quickly taken up.

After that, a couple of short films showing the way celebrating Chinese New Year and the ties of the family have changed in Malaysia over the years.  Dr. Lee Kam Hing gave a short message on coping with loneliness in this changing world to round out the evening – and a great time was had by all.

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So keep and eye out for the next Senior’s Fellowship meeting which will be on the third Sunday of every month.  Also, can you think of a good name for the Club?  At the moment, one suggestion is the “Joy Club”.  What do you think?


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