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Yvonne Chong and Hoo Pik Mun are not new to us but are two new faces who joined the BGC Leadership on 22 January 2013.  We welcome our two new deaconesses!

Read on if you want to know them a little bit better…


“I believed in God the Creator when I was very young – around 10 years old when my third sister shared the gospel with me when we were walking to the shop to buy groceries.  She asked me to look at the stars and the moon in the sky…..the Creator …if you believe in Jesus… Immediately, I believed.  My sister continued to spread the gospel to my mother, father and my other sister.

I got married at 20 and my late husband (he passed away 13 years ago at 55) was an “astray Christian” then (he had the knowledge of God as he was brought up in a mission school in Ipoh, but he had gone totally away when he came to live in KL).  God answered my prayer in His own timing and he came back to God after 17 years into our marriage.  Often I would place a Bible at the table where he drank his coffee, beside the bed, at his work desk and covered the rest of the page with papers except the verses I wanted him to read. God  is good.. in His time…in His time….

My two sons are both believers.  The younger is married to a Christian and both have joined a cell group in Hongkong.

 Every cloud has a silver lining

After all that I’ve gone through, I say He is Sovereign God , Almighty, All-Knowing, my Shepherd, Deliverer, Protector, Provider, my All in All.  I have experienced Him in so many ways.  Most people will not want to go through what I went through but I know God knew how much I could take and only through experiencing Him would I be raised up.  Yes, many times I’ve seen the “silver lining” and I am assured by Rom 8:28 that there is always something good – even at times when the devil might take charge for awhile.  But He is the Almighty, He is Sovereign and He Reigns!!

Serving in Kids’ Church

Wow…I have been serving in Sunday School like for 20 years?  It was Siew Choo who requested me to help out in the nursery as she saw my love for my nephew. I came to know that the best time for little children to open their hearts to God is before 12 years of age.  I didn’t get to send my 2 boys to Sunday School because my husband wasn’t a believer then and so I hope to get the kids to know God as young as they can be.  This is why I am involved in Kids’ Church.

Being a deaconess

I have prayed and know that He leads and directs.  Acts 22:14-15 & 18:30-31 speak clearly to me that He will lead me to be His witness to speak boldly of Him, encourage and touch lives.  I am scared!!  But I must obey and He says “Call to Me, and I will answer you….” Jer 33:3.  He loves us as we are.  He asks us to love one another as how He loves us.  Like what I’ve said in my testimony, I hope BGC will love me for what I am and I will love everyone just as they are – love, focus on their area of strength and support them when they struggle.  And I will learn to live a life that is pleasing to Him. Most of all, I want to be able to pray together in all our weaknesses and to praise and worship Him together as ONE body in ONE unity.


“My journey began when I attended a Youth Fellowship meeting in BGC in 1995.  I vaguely remember the speaker talking about fear and giving the example of fear of cockroaches. I could definitely identify with that but that was not the reason I raised my hand when he asked if I wanted to know Jesus personally.  Something tugged at my heart and I wanted to know who this Jesus he was talking about.  I didn’t know what I was in for but that day changed my life forever.

I come from a small family.  My mum, Audrey, attends BGC with me today and I have an elder brother who has yet to come to know the Lord.  My dad sadly passed away 6 years ago.  As my family members were unbelievers at the time I first accepted the Lord, they opposed of me being a Christian citing that I was still young and should concentrate on my studies instead of going to church.  Because of that, my formative spiritual years were in the classroom of my school.  Sze Wei, one of the leaders in CF/YF at that time, would have discipleship lessons with a few of us newbies after school.

Through prayer & encouragement from friends and God’s transforming power, my family’s heart softened and they began to accept that I was serious about God.

Through my experience, I know that discipleship is really important for our spiritual growth.  This is why I have been involved in discipleship from the time I was serving in the youth ministry. Currently, I am discipling some Yfers.

I was really taken aback when I was asked to be a deaconess. I guess I never really saw a woman serving in this capacity in our church and definitely didn’t see myself in it. But after understanding the role of a deaconess, I am just a servant in God’s household with a fancy name.  Pray for me as I am still searching for the ministry to serve and that God will be my strength.

What relaxes/refreshes me?  Holidays!  Going away to a new place is always a refreshing experience.  I usually travel with different people which allows me to spend good quality time with my family and friends.

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  1. Great to hear the Yvonne and Pik Mun are joining BGC leadership. Congrats and may God empower both of you as you serve Him

  2. Dear Thiew Lun,
    Good to hear from you and thanks for leaving your encouraging comment. Wishing you God’s blessing this Year of the Snake.

  3. Congratulations to Aunt Yvonne and Pik Mun on their appointments in the service of God. May they continue to serve God with the same unwavering passion as they always especially with the kids and the young adults respectively.

    1. Dear Winston,
      Thanks for your comment and well wishes for Aunt Yvonne and Pik Mun. I am sure they will be encouraged by it. God bless.

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