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Word from our Elder – January 2013

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A preacher once said “God has made us in His image, but unfortunately we are returning the favor by making God in our image”.  It is indeed a sad condition if we do indeed make God to be whom we think He is or how we feel He should be.  Yet, many times, out of ignorance and being naïve, that is exactly what we do if we are not careful.

How then do we ensure that our understanding of God is based on the truth revealed by God Himself and not influenced or prejudiced by our carnal understanding or man-made traditions or by our surrounding circumstances?  The answer is what we all know: we must each get to know God intimately and personally by immersing ourselves in His Word, constantly communicating with our Lord through prayer and by asking Him to work out our faith.

With that in mind, the theme the leaders adopted for our church this year is ‘To know God, to love Him and to live for Him’.  It is obvious that this quest ‘to know, love and live for God’ cannot be confined to being the theme for just a year as it must be a lifelong quest for all who belong to the Lord. Nevertheless, the theme was chosen in humility so that as a church we can rethink or start this life-long quest of knowing, loving and serving our great Lord and King.

Therefore, in all aspects of our church teaching, ministries and church organic life, we will strive to constantly remind ourselves of the urgent and indispensable need for each one of us to know our Lord intimately, strengthen our relationship with our Lord on an individual as well as on a church family basis and encourage an appropriate response, befitting recipients of such marvelous love.

The Psalmist in Psalms 34:8 exhorts us to ‘taste and see that the Lord is good’ and he further goes on to remind us that it is such joy for those who take refuge in our Lord.

It is my fervent prayer, along with my fellow leaders, that 2013 will be a year when we in BGC will learn anew what it means to be still and know the greatness of our God. It is also our prayer that this year will be the year that we will rediscover our first love for our Lord, and, finally, but not least, that this will be a year that all of us in BGC will ask our gracious Lord to give us each a servant’s heart, like the heart of our Lord Jesus Himself, a servant’s heart that will choose to serve our Lord faithfully and give Him all glory for all eternity.

In Christ Jesus’ love,  Min Fookelders 2013

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