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My 2012 – Johnson Teoh

On the occasion of our church New Year’s Day Service on the 1st of January 2013, we were treated to a number of heart-warming and inspiring testimonies from 3 sisters and one brother.  As they shared about how God has been at work in their lives in the last year, we could not but give praise to God for His wonderful love and grace.

Johnson Teoh was one of those who gave their testimony that day and has graciously agreed that we reproduce what he shared here.


Johnson Teoh:

Hello everyone. First and foremost, I like to thank everyone who kept my sister in their prayers.  That really meant a lot to me through that difficult period of time.

I  also want to thank Francis,  Jon Wong and Uncle Tee Fatt for not giving up on me.  They kept reminding me that Christ is Lord and treated me as family.

For me, 2012 was about coming back to God. His being in my life is the best thing; better that anything that has ever happened after so many years.

I was a member of the youth back in 1997 till 2002, after which, I went on my own journey of self discovery. Now I look back on those 10 years without God in my life.  It was difficult, and  I regret not having him in my life during that period of time.
It was God’s greatest lesson yet for me, when I learned that He didn’t give up on me but instead, He welcomed me back with open arms.

I appreciate God and our lord Jesus Christ so much today.

2012 was a very, very eventful and challenging year.  I asked God to be in my life, allowed him to lead me and to guide me everyday in everyway.

My 2nd elder sister who lives in Ipoh got really really sick. At the end of April, she had short term memory loss. It was really bad.   She couldn’t rememeber what she had said to me just 1 minute previously and the fear of  losing her grew.
It was like she was being demon possessed.   She had constant headaches.  She was in pain, tired and cried out ‘why is this happening to me?’

It was heart breaking.   My emotions were going all over the place and  I cried everynight to the Lord, asking for his help while motivating my brother in law to keep on pushing forward and find the solution.
One of the days, I got her to pray with me as she still has Jesus in her heart. She was crying for Jesus “please save me”.

Francis and Jon called and messaged to check.  They asked the church to pray for us, and I thank you for your prayers. God has answered.

The process of discovering what’s causing the short term memory loss was very, very intense.  After her blood test was  done, we discovered that her alpha fetoprotein levels were high, and led to the suspicion of liver cancer.  That was an even more panicky stage for the 3 of us. We were really lost for words.

Then we went on to do the X ray scan to check the liver. I remember singing “God will make a way” in the room when the results were shown.  At first we saw bubbles in the liver, and assumed the worst. But after some clarification from the nurse, we learned that the bubbles were just air pockets. Thank god the liver was perfect.

But we were still confused as we didn’t find the cause of the problem.   So the nurse suggested that we scan lower to her ovaries as she had a cyst operation done before.  That’s where we discovered the real problem. There was a big tumor which was  11 cm across and it was cancerous.
Imagine a ticking time bomb that was about to explode without you knowing when.

But thank God, the cancer was encapsulated in the tumor. We quickly set the appointment with the doctor to take it out on the 1st of May in Fatimah Hospital, Ipoh.  That was on the 29th April. The next day when we were about to check in to do the procedure,  we learned that the doctor went on leave because of the long Labour Day holiday weekend. We were  stuck again but as we knew the longer we had that tumor inside the greater the risk, we had a huge problem. That was  at 2pm. By  2.15pm we found out Pantai Hospital at  Jalan  Pantai, Bangsar does the operation but we had to be there  by 4pm as the clinic would be closed after that time.

Time did not seem to be on our side.  Yet, by God’s  grace, we drove,   fast, though lots of traffic down to KL, using google maps to see if traffic was on Semantan and jalan Maarof, and we finally reached Pantai Hospital at 4pm on the dot.
We saw the doctor, got my sister admitted into the hospital and scheduled the operation for the next morning.
As she goes into the operation theater, we prayed for God’s healing power. Our hearts were somehow at peace because God’s healing was at work.

Again Francis, Jon, Calvin, and Uncle Wong texted me to see if all was okay. And I thank you for that.

After the operation, the doctor informed us that the cancer was stage 1 grade 2, and that  chemotherapy was necessary in case the cancer cells had spread to other areas.

We knew that if she did chemo, her white blood cells will die, many things will pop up without a question.  So we looked  for alternative ways and discovered that if you go organic, meaning fruits and vegetables, no meat, no dairy products, no sugar, rice, having mushrooms, enzymes, you can fight cancer cells.  We chose the organic option and told the doctor our choice.

My sister went back to check the alpha fetoprotein levels the next month.  Normal levels for no danger is 1-2.  The marker dropped from 100 to 1.8!

Thank you God. It was shocking.  The doctors couldn’t believe it.  For me, this was my strongest experience of God answering prayers, and I got to witness this with my own eyes.

Just before my sisters incident happened, we were at the Square Table Bible Study Fellowship, going through Acts 12 where Peter was in prison waiting to be persecuted after the Passover.  God’s angel guided him out of prison, then he went to Mary’s home, the mother of John, where they were praying for him.

God shows us that when we pray together, he will answer us. We just have to be patient.  God also showed me his purpose for my life in serving Him.  It’s in music.  Music helps us to get close to Him in praise and worship.

Let’s grow our church music ministry as we have so much talent waiting to be explored.  I’m looking forward to 2013. It’s God’s calling and my heart is all for him cause He is our awesome God.

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. (John 14:6 NIV)


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