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Christmas Service 2012 in Photos

On Christmas Day 2012, Bangsar Gospel Centre held its Christmas Day Service at the Methodist College Hall in Brickfields.  As with previous years, we were anticipating a large crowd and praise God, there were some 320 people who attended.

The program was relatively simple, starting with some Christmas carols and songs of worship.  This was followed with a short sharing from sisters Kiang Chew Peng and Soong Mei Ling about how Christmas was different for them and their families since they came to know the Lord Jesus as their Saviour.

The main portion of the service involved a play about actors auditioning for roles in the Nativity Play.  Their funny (and easily identifiable) characteristics and quirks helped highlight how different people respond to Christmas.  When you look at the photos, see if you can remember the different characters.

Calvin Loh then shared a short Christmas message, building on what was shown in the play and emphasising that our only proper response to the message of God’s love for us as demonstrated by Christmas is to surrender ourselves, trust in God, live in obedience and to proclaim the Good News to those around us.

We ended with a musical presentation and then adjourned to boisterous and warm fellowship over a buffet feast downstairs.

In the end, it was a great time that was had by all.  All praise to God and thanks too to the music team, the actors (directed by brother Jon Wong) and all those who helped with the food, ushering and physical arrangements.

Enjoy the photos.


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