Amazing, Sovereign & Intimately Loving God!

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Jestine and I returned in December  to help care for Jacob and my 83-year old mum.  Jacob is now nearly bed ridden, and my mum had fallen and badly fractured her left humerus and the top round-shaped bone dislocating her shoulder from the socket of her left hand.

We began seeing some amazing, sovereign and intimately loving ways of God unfold.

My mum’s orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Eugene Wong, turned out to be a caring Christian man who said it was a miracle that she was relatively pain-free for 2 weeks until surgery and has been amazed at the rapid healing and recovery that has taken place thus far.  From a “bag of broken bones” (Dr Wong’s description), it has become an encasement of metal pieces as she had to have 5 screws in her socket and another 7 in the humerus to hold the metal plate in place.

Whilst seeing to my mum’s and Jacob’s many needs, during the same week when my mum was discharged, Jestine was hospitalised with chest pains and had to undergo an angiogram and angioplasty.  Once again the Lord lovingly entered into our crisis and provided him an amazing Christian cardiologist, Dr Ng Soon Gan.  Not only did he gently and graciously attend to all of Jestine’s medical needs but he also deeply encouraged us with prayer and repeatedly quoted Romans 8:28.  Even when Jestine was lying on the bed, all prepared for the procedure, surrounded by two cardiologists and nursing staff, Dr Ng pulled out his iPhone Bible and read a Psalm with Jestine.  Dr Ng asked God to intervene and take over the hands of all in attendance!  Jestine described his entire hospital experience as an extended prayer fellowship that began on a Sunday afternoon  and finished on a Wednesday afternoon!! Dr Ng also continuously pointed us to God, never receiving any thanks for himself. How wonderfully the Lord meets our every need exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think (Eph 3:20).

We are all deeply touched by the love of the Bangsar church family who has helped us in so many ways.  Thank you for being “Jesus” to us in our time of need,  Your ministry and the wonderful body life is being spoken about in KL, here in Australia and also other parts of the world, just like the Thessalonian Christians (1 Thes 1:7,8).  We are acutely aware that we are only the privileged instruments of God’s glory and grace.

Do pray with us that God will use some of our recent trying experiences  to draw some of our very dear spiritually hardened Australian friends to Himself.  We are overwhelmed by so much that has happened in the short 23 days we were in KL. The main thing that stands out in all of this is that our faithful, utterly trustworthy God orders our lives, seeing to the most intimate details and, indeed, does all things well and provides abundantly for every need.  May we all learn to confidently and courageously trust Him for all things at all times.  Christ in us is the hope of glory!

~Mary Marshall

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