Youth Fellowship Camp – Support Needed

The Bangsar Gospel Centre Youth Fellowship is a vibrant and active group with many activities for young people while firmly rooted in the study of God’s word, the Bible.   One of the annual highlights of the Youth Fellowship is their Youth Camp which God has continuously blessed.  Although many of our young people are blessed with parents who can easily afford to pay for the Camp fees, there are some who will need some assistance.  The youth would also like to invite some of their friends to the camp.  So every year, the Youth Fellowship carries out a number of fundraising activities to raise sufficient funds to enable all who want to attend the camp to go.

So starting this Sunday and going on for the next 5-6 weeks, the Youth will be carrying out various fundraising activities and we hope that we will all give support to their efforts.  Among the things that will be done include;

  • Bake Sale
  • Recycling items: donations of newspapers, magazines, old PCs, metal, plastics, tin cans and just about anything that is valuable or can be recycled will be accepted.
  • Car Wash
  • Clean homes
  • Other reasonable odd jobs.

If you would like the Youth to do any of the above for you and support their fundraising, please contact Noel (012-8773477), Cheng Keat (012-2461771) or Ian Beh (016-3339538).


Don’t forget to come hungry and support the bake sales after church service on Sundays for the next 5 weeks.

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