Dentists are Fun

On Friday mornings, Mum and I usually go to the Children’s Corner playgroup at Bangsar Gospel Centre where we have a lot of fun playing with toys, listening to stories and singing songs. I think most of us really like the “tick-tock” song where our mums swing us about like little pendulums; well, I really enjoy that.

But a week ago, Auntie Mabel told us that instead of our usual playtime, we were all going to visit a “dentist”.   Mum says that a dentist is a special doctor that takes care of our teeth.   I like my doctor.  He always makes me feel better if I have a fever or a cough and I even get a lollipop when I visit him.

So visiting a dentist should be fun too.  I don’t know why dad’s face turned pale when I mentioned visiting the dentist; you would have thought he was going to faint!

Anyway, the visit was great.  Dentist Jason was so much fun.  He showed us his special dentist chair – it could go up and down, backward and forward, had all these bright lights and cool toys like the straw that could suck up the water.  He allowed us to play with everything!  He even told me to spit!  If only Mum could be so cool……

He told us to brush our teeth everyday which I do with Mum’s help.

Later he made us balloons out of rubber gloves.  It was so much fun.  I can’t wait to go back again.  I heard Mum made an appointment for next week.  I wonder what other toys I will discover at the dentist’s office next.

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