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Word from the Elders (September 2012)

BGC Camp 2012 – Brave enough to follow

Needless to say there were some murmurs when the venue of this year’s camp was revealed sometime in June. The fact that we had been to the same venue 4 times in the last 5 years for camp naturally would raise some mild grunts and murmurs amongst the people. Nevertheless, on the practical side of things, few would argue that Seri Malaysia Bagan Lalang is indeed a great place to have our BGC family camp. Therefore, kudos to this year’s camp organizing committee for their labor of love in planning the camp for all 149 of us.

At this year’s camp, our Lord’s blessing came in double doses as we were extremely privileged to secure 2 excellent and gifted teachers in Dr Ng Kam Weng and Stuart Briscoe to be our camp teachers. I was joking with Dr Ng before he left home on Saturday morning that if we were to liken our 2 speakers to coffee, then Dr Ng is our ‘Aik Cheong’ coffee with local flavor (strong and hard hitting) and Stuart Briscoe is our gourmet coffee (refreshing but equally potent).

On hindsight, the analogy of coffee describing our 2 speakers is truly apt to me because in-spite of my tiredness and ill health at camp, I was kept totally awake by the inspired sharing and teaching of both our speakers. The messages were so rich spiritually, with so much to ponder, so much to learn, so much to work through and so much to be thankful for. There is no denying that our Lord is truly a Magnificent God, mighty in power and love and certainly worth following.

Dr Ng started his teaching on Thursday night by introducing us to the prophet Jeremiah, a young reluctant prophet lacking in confidence but yet called by the Lord. I will not go into details the 4 messages shared by Dr Ng as I know that many of us have been busy taking notes and searching our hearts as we learn how to follow our Lord faithfully and bravely in whatever situations we face through the examples and lessons learnt from the life of Jeremiah and his scribe, Baruch.

On Saturday morning, the teaching baton at camp was passed to Stuart Briscoe. Stuart took us through the life of one of my favorite character in the New Testament, Simon later known as Peter. Stuart had a style of teaching that was kind of new to BGC. Nevertheless, in each of the 4 sessions that Stuart taught and told stories about the successes and failures of Peter in following our Lord Jesus Christ, and supplemented by stories from his very own spiritual journey, we were blessed by the wealth of spiritual insights and lessons that Stuart provided us in our quest to follow our Lord bravely and steadfastly.

In the midst of all the camp activities, the incessant eating and our prayers of faith for Chew Peng’s recovery, the Lord has spoken to us through His word and His Spirit in this camp. I am so aware now that to be brave enough to follow our Lord steadfastly as individuals and as a church, we must firstly resolve the problem of our hearts (i.e., we must love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and to love one another deeply) and just like Peter, we must also allow the Holy Spirit to transform us to the true potential that the Lord has called us to be.

I thank the Lord because this year’s camp is a fresh reminder and encouragement to us in BGC of our continuing desire to follow after the Lord’s heart as individuals and as a church.

As we in BGC seek to follow the Lord bravely and steadfastly, may He lead us to bring forth much glory and honour to His great and holy name. Amen.

Choo Min Fook

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