The Day We Went to the Fire Station

Well, today was a very special day for the kids, parents and grandparents of Children’s Corner and Cornerstone.  Today, we all went to the Desa Sri Hartamas Fire Station where the friendly Firemen treated all of us to all kinds of fun activities.

Upon arrival at the fire station, we were first treated to a talk by Uncle Nathan who explained that fire when small and under control, is our friend.  But we have to be careful because if the fire is big and uncontrolled, it can be bad.  He then taught us what to do if we were ever on fire – cover our face, drop and roll!

After that, we got to do dress-up …. in real firemen’s jacket and helmet.  They were kind of loose though…….I think most of us will have to grow up a bit before they will fit properly.  Still, I think most of us looked cool cause our parents were busy taking our photos.

Next, we got to do something really fun………we got to play with firemen’s hoses.  They got us to line up and showed us how to hold the hoses properly so that we can spray the water straight in front of us.  That was fun.  However, it was even more fun when we got to point the hoses at each other!  I was really surprised but some of our parents did not mind us getting soaked.  It was fan-tabulous!

The fun did not stop there! Next we got to ride inside the cab of the fire engine and they even put on the sirens and the lights!

The firemen then showed us how they were able to use ropes to come down from a tall tower.  They looked a lot like the Amazing Spiderman!

We got a bit worried though when they put our teachers into one of those big cranes and lifted them into the air until we could hardly see them.  But phewww, what a relief when they came back down again.

I was actually glad that the program ended there cause I had so much fun that I was tired out and I was looking forward to lunch!  There were about 60  of us there today, both kids and parents and we all had a load of fun.  Maybe you might like to join us next time?


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This is a kindergarten for children aged 3-6 years which is held at the church from Monday to Friday from 9-12.30pm.

Children’s Corner

Along side Cornerstone, there is also a playgroup for toddlers up to the age of 3 years which is held on Tuesdays and Fridays from 9.30 – 11.30 am.  Toddlers have the opportunity to learn while playing.  There is also singing and story-time.  Parents/care giver participation is expected.  A great time for all.

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