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Tony and Ashley Low’s Testimony

Last Sunday, after the worship service, there was a special meeting at the church during which Tony and Ashley Low shared their testimonies and those of us who were there were truly blessed and encouraged to declare that “our God is an Awesome God” (which ties in so nicely with our last post).

Tony and Ashley both come from well known families in Malaysia.  Tony obtained his MBA in England and went on to be involved in property development, manufacturing and hotel business.   Ashley studied civil engineering in England and then went on to do her MBA and has a career in banking.  Together, they have a 14 year old son.

However, about 14 years ago, Tony was diagnosed with stage four or final stage cancer.  Both were from Taoist backgrounds and Ashley’s mother especially encouraged them to seek the help of a famous Taoist medium from Penang.

Ashley spoke of how they tried everything that the medium told them to do which ranged from drinking the ashes of burnt magical writings, to drinking scorpion fortified wines and when the cancer still persisted recommended the ultimate treatment ………to get struck by lightning!  They were so desperate they tried it all!

However, the cancer got so bad and Tony was in so much pain, they finally went back to western medicine.  But by then the cancer was so advanced and had spread so far through the body that most of the doctors just told him that he had about 3 months to live and that he should go home to wait his fate.

However, one doctor was willing to attack the cancer aggressively with chemotherapy and thus started a twelve year journey consisting of a cycle of weakening chemotherapy, joy of remission and followed by the despair of discovering the cancer had returned.  During this time, Tony and Ashley went deeper into Buddhism, making many visits to India.

Ashley shared of her spiritual journey during this time but finally she came to know Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour and started to attend St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Kuala Lumpur.  Her fellow believers then began to support both Ashley and Tony in their prayers.

The fourth time that the cancer came back it had returned with a vengence in the form of a tumour the size of an avocado in the right frontal lobe of Tony’s brain.  The doctors decided that an operation was necessary to remove the tumour even though the chance of dying during surgery was very high.

This really looked like the end of the road and Tony was trying to ready himself for death in accordance to his Buddhist beliefs.  When Ashley’s pastor came to pray for him before the surgery, he chased the pastor away saying that he did not know this Christian god and would only believe if he could see and speak to God directly and not through a mere messenger.

The operation did not go well and Tony was in a coma.  After 4 days, Tony was being kept alive by a respirator machine and his kidney functions were failing.  Basically, his body was shutting down and doctors urged Ashley to give permission for them to take him off the life-support and let him die.

But Ashley received words of encouragement from God through a couple of verses in the Bible and decided not to give that permission.  Both her family and his thought that she was being unrealistic in carrying on.

Then to everyone’s surprise (except maybe Ashley’s), Tony came out of the coma on the 7th day and his body began functioning again.  Even more amazing, he had been given a vision of God during his coma and woke with a conviction that God had prolonged his life to testify about God to other people.

So Tony went into the operation as a Buddhist and after the coma, came out as a Christian!

The awesomeness continues.  Despite being surprised that Tony was still alive, the doctors then went on to tell them that during the operation, they had to remove about a quarter of Tony’s brain and he was going to be paralysed from the neck down.

Well, Tony is alive today, more than two years on, and is totally healed.  He has no paralysis.  God healed him completely of cancer too.  Tony is now taking a long break from business and has started studies in theology at Presbyterian Bible College in Melbourne. Enjoying the fruits of the spirit God has granted him.

What has happened to Tony has no medical explanation!  As a result, two of his doctors has since found faith in the Lord Jesus!  Praise be to God!

Despite the length of this post,  much has been left out about the amazing details of how God dealt with Tony and Ashley with such grace and love during their long journey with cancer and listening to their actual testimonies is still highly recommended.

A recording of their sharing was made and copies are being made on CDs.  If you would like to have a copy to listen to the testimonies or to share it with others, please leave a request in the comment section.  The video is also available in the sermon archives section of this site but it is a 90 minute video so allow a long time for it to download.

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  1. May I have a copy of the CD to encourage someone ‘s son in ICU for the last 9 months. Please. Parents just accepted the Lord

    1. Dear Margaret,
      Thank you for your interest to share Tony and Ashley’s testimony with your friends. I believe they will be blessed and encouraged. I will contact you by email to arrange for passing the CD to you. Please be informed that this website will be redesigned from January 2013 and you will be able to access testimonies and sermons from the website.
      God Bless.

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