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Word from the Elders (June 2012)

Matthew 2818-20 sets the missions mandate of the church of Jesus Christ. As a church in Bangsar we are committed before the Lord to fulfil Christ’s missions mandate. The task at hand is fraught with danger and difficulties. Acts 4 and 5 remind us that hostility and persecution awaits God’s church that’s seriously committed to carry out its missions mandate. We thank and praise God that the early church did not fail in fulfilling Christ’s missions mandate. It did not withdraw from the task when faced with hostility and persecution. Instead it stood resolute in fulfilling Christ’s missions mandate whatever the cost. The early Christians made a stand for God and declared that they must obey God rather than man. Likewise we too as a church in Bangsar must emulate the early church Christians. If we are to be faithful to the missions task before us, we need to be resolute in obeying God rather than man.

However as the early church Christians showed us, we are never up to the task in and of ourselves. We need God and we need God’s people. We need God to boldly stand on God’s side and overcome the overwhelming opposition lined up against us and to welcome the suffering that will surely be our portion and we need God’s people because this task is never to be done solo but as a church, as a family of God intent to be the army of God in this crucial spiritual battle. Thus together as a church we will earnestly seek God in prayer to tackle the task at hand. We will ask Him for boldness and the grace to endure suffering for Christ’s sake. We will ask Him for grace to be disciples willing to lose our lives for Christ’s sake and the Gospel’s sake.  And if we are willing to do this, then we will be ready for the challenges God will bring to us regarding His missions mandate In this month of June through His servants from NTM, IAM, local missions and those burdened for ministry in China.

Calvin Tan (Elder)

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