Praise Song

Praise Song: Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus & Faithful One

We had a number of interesting visitors at our church this last couple of weeks and it was gratifying to hear how they enjoyed participating in our Sunday Worship service.  One of our visitors, Oli, mentioned how he did not like 7-11 worship songs; that is, songs with seven words repeated eleven times!  Instead, he enjoyed our church’s mix of meaningful new songs and beloved hymns of old.

I think it is great that our church is able to sing both the new and the old in praise and worship to our God but this last two weeks, there have been a number of songs that were requested that were not too familiar to many of us.

So, here below, are two of the songs that kind of stumped us.  The first is the old hymn, “Turn your eyes upon Jesus”.  Many of our church members are familiar with this hymn but it seems that for decades, we have only sung the chorus!  We weren’t too sure when it came to the rest of this beautiful hymn.

The second song, “Faithful One” is a more recent song by Brian Doerksen and it has been in our songbook for years.  However last Sunday, one of our visitors had to lead us in singing that song as he was the only one confident enough about the song to do so.

So let us study these videos and add two more songs of worship to our collective repertoire.



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