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Did You Know About NECF?

Did you know that as of this year, our church, Bangsar Gospel Centre, has joined NECF Malaysia.  NECF gave us a warm welcome and acknowledge our new membership in their bulletin, Berita NECF (April – June 2012).   The picture below is from that issue.



Now some may be surprised that we were not members of NECF earlier but some of us might not even know what NECF is.

Well, NECF stands for “National Evangelical Christian Fellowship”.  NECF was born in May 1983 to bridge divisions, pool resources and to present a credible, united evangelical voice on matters of concern to the church in Malaysia.  It seeks to enable Christians within the nation live out their purpose and calling as agents of transformation in the various places and sphere of influence that God has placed and called each one to be in.

To learn more about NECF and our larger national family, visit their website or read the Berita NECF.

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