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Save the Date – Church Camp 2012

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Keep August 30th to September 2nd, 2012 free so that you can attend this year’s Bangsar Gospel Centre Church Camp.


Seri Malaysia Hotel, Bagan Lalang, Sepang.  Well, we’ve been there before and we must have liked it cause we’ve been back there a few times and we’re there again for 2012!  And why not!

Not too far away.  Reasonable priced accommodation and facilities.  The sea and beach nearby.  Great place to catch the sea breeze or taste the catch of the day (great seafood).  Plenty of space for solitude or for boisterous group activities and games.

WHAT …… will it be about?

This year, our church has been focusing on “following Christ” and what it means to be truly his disciples.  At the camp, we will be looking into how to follow after Christ when things get difficult or uncertain.  The theme for the camp is “Brave Enough to Follow“.

Of course, the camp is also where we build up our relationships as part of one body and one family.  Discussion groups where we learn from one another and encourage one another as well as all the fellowship and also the “fai lo -ship” are also important components of the camp activities.

WHO …… will be giving the teaching?

We have been blessed to have two great Camp Speakers.  Dr. Ng Kam Wing, who needs little introduction (but we give some anyway below) &  internationally renowned teacher, pastor and author, Stuart Briscoe.   Stuart’s wife Jill is also a great resource and there may be opportunity for her to minister too.


•is now 82
• born to a Christian family in Cumbria, England.
• He started preaching at the age of 17
• Started work as a banker
• but in 1953, he and his wife, Jill, joined Torchbearers, an international Christian ministry organization involved in evangelism and Bible teaching.
• 1970 – 2000; served as pastor to Elmbrook Church in Brookfield, Wisconsin.
• Church grew from 300 to 7,000 with many churches planted.
•  Author of over 40 books
•  He & his wife now support under-resourced churches and missionaries.


  • He’s no stranger to BGC.
       But did you know that ……
    • he got his PhD from Cambridge University?
    • he was a fellow at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies and a member of the Center for Theological Inquiry at Princeton University?
    • he taught at the Malaysia Bible Seminary Graduate School from 1989-1992?
    • he is Research Director of the Kairos Research Centre in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia?
    • he is one of the foremost Christian intellectuals in Malaysia?

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4 thoughts on “Save the Date – Church Camp 2012

    1. Abraham,
      Thanks for commenting. That’s a good suggestion. We’ll see if we can include past Sunday sermons. The obvious problem is that many speakers don’t write down their sermons anymore. Anyone willing to take notes of the sermon?

  1. a commendable suggestion indeed which is also in my thought. I think most speakers do have prepared notes. Not wanting of course to include the whole load of the message which can be a strain to some reading so many messages over the months, maybe we can include their main points and stress on important lessons to meditate on and learn from?

  2. Jimmy,
    Thanks for your comment. Due to interest in the Sunday Sermons, we are investigating the possibility of publishing the sermons as an audio recording. To do this, we will need to upgrade the church’s computer to allow such recordings. Please allow us 1-2 months to work on this. Thanks again.

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